Making science more welcoming for women and minorities: a workshop.

This. It may be uncomfortable, but it is important work that every department could benefit from. Maybe it’s time to take a crack at it?

Ambika Kamath

It’s been a tough week for social justice in academic science. There was a series of racially insensitive tweets about “overpopulation” and Ebola, a misogynist metaphor occupied centrestage in a piece condemning the “new conservation” movement, and a New York Times Op-Ed helpfully informed us that academic science is no longer sexist (all links in this paragraph take you to responses to these outrageous statements, and not the offending pieces themselves, so I urge you to click through).

But in the middle of the week, I was part of something that made me a little bit hopeful, despite all the disappointment. Together with two grad student colleagues also from the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, I planned and led a workshop on how to make science more welcoming for women and minorities. It was directed at the first-year grad students in our department, and was slotted into their weekly…

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