Art vs. Science

I was given a great piece of advice today by a philanthropist. One that I hadn’t been given in a long while. Simply this: express yourself.

When you get home from a long day, and I mean long, tap into the creative side.

Write poetry. Paint. Sing. Play guitar. Take photos.

Wing scales of a butterfly (Photo credit: Tom Eisner)

Wing scales of a butterfly (Photo credit: Tom Eisner)

Take a break to be a whole, well-rounded person.

There are two things one can gain from this approach: 1) sanity and 2) a fresh perspective upon return to work

You can also be inspired by science and nature. Here are some examples of this intersection between art and science. Or find your inspiration in one of these animal sound recordings. Or this nearly indecipherable poem about grasshoppers. Or listen to artists who master science music geekery.

Many people don’t realize a) that scientists are highly creative people and b) there is a surprising connection between scientists and music. Just ask one, and she or he will likely know how to play at least one instrument.

An old professor from my department is rumored to have once said, “Never trust a scientist that doesn’t have a love of music.”

I’m inclined to agree.

All this to say: it’s time to remove the “vs”.


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