Outro with Bees

This video is incredibly cool – 2,500 time-lapsed photos of honeybee development in its comb. From wee to, well, less wee.

Photo Credit: Anand Varma

Photo Credit: Anand Varma

I’m amazed at the ingenuity of this project. Read the article to learn more about how an artist turns experimentalist to capture this incredible footage.

Really makes me want to bust out my camera and make pretty, pretty things with animals.


Because of the Bees

It’s not even 5pm, and it’s already dark out. It’s only November 13th, and it’s already snowing out. These two things can only mean one thing. It’s an Isabella Rossellini Green Porno kind of day.

Green Porno

Green Porno: a Sundance TV original web series that delves into the mating habits of different creatures. They’re creative, artistic, playful, funny, and mostly accurate.

Check out this video on how honeybees get down. It’s a nice follow-up to yesterday’s post on ant queens and their mating habits.